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Basic Landscape Design Concepts in Tacoma, WA; Backyard Entertainment Area, Shade Solutions & More

When you are looking to get your yard and lawn ready for the spring and summer most people want to make some changes. The yard can start to look old and drab and this is a great time to add some fun and creative additions to the space. Your backyard is an important part of your home and actually adds to the livability of the home. The backyard can stand out and add to the home’s value as well. You want to make sure you take into account several things when you have your backyard landscaped. The design process really starts out with the ideas and what you want to have in your space. Rico’s Maintenance & Hardscape outlines tips for what to consider when designing your backyard.

Outdoor Entertainment Area

You want to look at the yard and make a decision about where you want to be able to hang out. Some people want to have a patio where they can sit and have some patio furniture. Some people want to have an outdoor kitchen, gazebo or a fire pit that has seating around it. This is a great spot to start with so that you can create the area that you will be using the most. Then you can design around the seating area.

Backyard Shade Solutions

Create Shade: Now that you know where the seating area will be you want to now do what you can to start to create shade. One of the things that you can do is to have trees planted on the property. The trees that you choose should be thought about in terms of how they grow and how much space that they want. They are a great addition to a home as well as the environment. This is also the first layer of the yard and the landscape.

Layered Landscape Design

One of the mistakes that people make when they are designing is that they do not create layers. They choose to have a tree or two then leave the rest of the ground level. This may seem okay but it is boring and it is not going to create the beauty that you will want in your yard. The best thing that you can do is to choose the right shrubs as well as plants that can give the area some dimensions as well as layers and levels. When you use a professional to help with your landscape design it can help ensure that you are using the right plants.

Texture in Hardscape & Softscape

You can also use things that will bring is some texture to the space as well. This might be wood planks, rocks and stone. They can be used as ways to create a path or décor amongst the landscape. The hardscaping can be building up a wall to create a garden box that you can use to grow your own food. The look of the wall adds texture to the yard as well as functionality.

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