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Spring Lawn Care Steps in Port Orchard, WA; Yard Clean Up, Dethatching, Reseed Patchy Grass & More

It is the spring season, so now is the time your lawns and gardens are ready for some much needed attention. The key to having a healthy lawn begins in the spring. There is a lot to do to prepare your lawn for warmer temperatures to ensure a healthy lawn this year. Without further ado, Rico’s Landscaping would like to share some of the best ways you can prepare your lawn for warm spring weather.

Lawn Dethatching & Spring Yard Debris Clean Up

Before you can begin some essential lawn care chores, you first need to clean up after winter. During the cold of the winter season, wind may have brought in leaves, twigs and other debris that needs to be removed. For those who compost, you can put much of the large debris such as leaves, twigs and other yard waste into your compost to recycle the needed nutrients. Dethatching the lawn also helps remove the top dead layer of the lawn. You can either dethatch your own yard or seek a professional service. Either way, before major lawn care the lawn will need to be dethatched first. The dead grass can also be composted to reclaim the resources in the grass.

Turn on Sprinkler System

During or after cleaning up the yard, you will want to inspect your lawn and garden’s irrigation system and inspect each sprinkler. You may even want to run the sprinkler as a startup test to make sure there is no broken sprinklers, calcium erosion or clogged or broken piping. You may want to also replace sprinklers in drip irrigation systems. Some professional lawn care services can also help run a startup test for your sprinkler system.

Reseed Patchy Lawn & Fertilize

Once the lawn has been cleaned and the sprinkler system prepped, the lawn may have developed a few bald spots either due to pests, disease, or simply from high foot traffic areas that wore down the grass. To fill in bald spots it is most popular to reseed the areas. In larger areas you can re-sod for quicker results. After reseeding or re-sodding the lawn, often a fertilizer is applied to promote healthier lawn growth. The fertilizer puts back needed nutrients into the soil that the grass depletes while it’s awake. One of the essential steps in lawn care is fertilization.

Weed Prevention

Weeds are a never ending nemesis. Weeds will pop up all year long, so you have early spring weeds and summer weeds, which take turns invading your lawn. To stop weeds a weed killer is applied. Today you can find combination fertilizer and weed control which can be applied to prevent weeds from infesting your lawn while providing the grass with its needed nutrients.

Lawn Mowing in Spring

For a healthy lawn during the spring season, never cut the grass too short. You will want the grass cut on the highest setting. When you cut grass it causes stress if you cut the grass too short early in the season. Doing so can cause lawn growth problems throughout the year.

Spring Lawn Care Services in Port Orchard, Bremerton & Kitsap County, WA | Tacoma, Lakewood & Pierce County, Washington

Lawns need seasonal care, especially during the spring. If you need help caring for your lawn contact Rico’s Landscaping. We provide quality lawn care services and can ensure a healthy lawn. Contact Rico’s Landscaping and schedule our services today.

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